Seminar by Tor A. Bruce:The Future Design of Mental Health Environments

12:00 pm Thursday 9 November 2023, NEWN48 (Classroom), Newton Building, Nottingham Trent University.

Nottingham School of Art & Design and NTU NXT is happy to announce our Research Guest Lecture #1. 

Conventional mental healthcare interventions are typically delivered inside a room containing a table and seating, limiting user-autonomy that can be enhanced by offering a multisensory experience – purposely including the role of the body and interactive components of the setting itself.
This seminar is based on a research trajectory that began in 2018, resulting in a digital intervention involving a chronological journey from the deep past to future. Incorporating physical movement reimagines the therapeutic relationship between patient and facilitator, with potential to affect the dynamic of how interventions are delivered and received. Human-centred design thinking emerged which led to further prototypes 2018-2023, developing into a portfolio of four innovative concepts: The Timeline; The Intuitive Jacket; The WISE Room; The Reflection Chair.


In this seminar the research trajectory will be discussed and questions are welcomed throughout. The talk will highlight some of the challenges attendees might be able to solve as co-researchers through their own unique disciplines.
Tor Alexander Bruce
is an interdisciplinary researcher based between Human Computer Interaction and Health and Life Sciences at Northumbria University. His research explores pragmatic approaches to developing space in support of human flourishing, inclusive of technology, in a context of physiological healthcare. His research builds on 12 years engagement as Founder and CEO of a registered UK charity: Eye Of The Fly. His interest in working specifically with trauma stemmed from observations of and discussions with the charity’s young beneficiaries.

This lecture is open to all staff and students.

Contact: Professor Lars Erik Holmquist